stay out of the US

From: Haile, Valerie [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: April-11-04 2:50 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: stay out of the US

By the way I read some of the emails you get.  Your response about “cashing in”, and the fact that the families didn’t?  This idea will not make it in America.  But I will keep your idea in mind for when your family is murdered so that others may cash in.  My friend is dead from Columbine and you people are cashing in on her death.  Think about what you would do if you say your friends dead on Tv.  How would you feel if their death was now an amusement.  Battle reenactments are very different from what you are doing.  Just feel so lucky that you can cash in and not have to feel the pain that I now have to feeling knowing that there are people out there like you that could care less about what they inflict on others.  You may care when it happens to you.


Littleton Colorado

The families cashed in with with life insurance, right? We are sure the Columbine victim families have cashed in nicely. We cash in also, but without killing, therefore we are better. The fact that we are cashing in on your friend’s death only means her death is not in vain (we bet some would have written “vein” instead of “vain”. How can we guess that? Must be from the shitload of shitty spelling we get in the mail.).

OK, let’s say “your friends dead on TV” and think what we would do if we said it. We think we think of the fact that we are saying “your friends dead on TV”. We are not sure what you meant with that sentence.

We would feel honored that their death was not an amusement, as it would serve to commemorate.

Battle reenactments are very NOT different from what we are doing, it’s just people dressed up with fake guns. HA!

The only thing we inflict on others are paint balls.


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