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Columbine Paintball has moved it’s facilities to further accommodate
our faithful 87% of customers that come from the United Stated
of America!

Columbine Paintball is now in the USA! Thank you USA for your
continuous business over these last 2 years, we would not have
done it without you, fellow Americans. We love you USA!

It was a very hard decision for us to perform this move, it was an
extraordinary ordeal to move and rebuild this facility, but it
is done now. We are sorry Canada, but the USA has shown
extraordinary support for this wonderful sport of paintball and
we have decided to bring Columbine Paintball to the USA to show
that we appreciate their outstanding business and support. Since
Americans made 87% of our business up there in Canada it just
makes good business sense to move where the demand is.

We are not turning our backs on Canada, we still invite all
Canadians to visit us at our new facility down in Wyoming! In
fact, we are bigger and better!

Thank you again USA, we really thank you. This is all for
you USA!

Support our troops overseas and pray for them

We painstakingly recreated the Columbine High school layout for you
to live the action as closely as possible. Become a powerless
teacher, an fearful student, a latecomer SWAT operative or an
all-mighty Trench Coat Mafia gang member on a rampage, and kill
without mercy in a bullet-free environment.

The only legal way to enjoy this event to the fullest is by
paintball and we have it all. Come and shoot your friends and
family members in remembrance at the original Columbine
Paintball facility.

Play as of one of the three
fighting factions

Trench Coat Mafia

The SWAT team

The innocent students

Experience what these young teen-agers lived while shooting
at groups of people. Feel the emotions from killing
defenseless people and then expecting the SWAT team to take
you out.

Experience what the SWAT team lived
while infiltrating an area with unknown threats and danger.
Feel the emotions from the expectation of killing armed and
dangerous teenagers.
Experience what the innocent students
and teachers lived while running for their lives, hunted and
without weapons to defend themselves, not knowing when the
Trench Coat Mafia will hit.


Join the experience in large groups
The more the better! Join the experience in large groups!
We have all the space needed for large groups of people who
want to experience the Columbine PaintBall. Play with the
whole department from work, come with your school class to
play against your high-school buddies.

We can accommodate as much as 60 players total in one game,
playing as either The Young Killers or the SWAT Team.

The players playing as the SWAT Team are equipped with
radio gear to coordinate strikes.
The players playing as The Trench Coat Mafia can have
optional long black trench coats to identify them from the
other students.
We have enough protection equipment to have as much as
100 players total, playing as The Innocent Students.

Our paintball equipment

Bring your own equipment if
you want to, we want everybody to enjoy the experience.
All pricing is in American US

One day is
from 8am to 5pm.

 We offer special
night-time deals upon request. Please contact us by e-mail for
night pricing.

Playing as
an innocent student/teacher.

Playing an innocent student/teacher does not require any special
gear besides the face-plate and the protective overalls. Playing
as an innocent student is only $10 a day. Enter as many games as
you want to experience. The $10 extra per person for the
full-blown experience does not apply to players playing as
innocent students. Group discounts do not apply.

 Playing as Trench Coat
Mafia or SWAT operatives.

1 person for 1 day: $50
(Includes marker, face-plate, overalls, 400 paintballs)

Extra 100 paintballs: $10

We offer free CO2 fills. Group discounts: 10 players: $45/person

20 players: $40/person

30 players: $35/person

40 players: $30/person

50 players: $25/person

60 players: $20/person

 Full blown Columbine

If you wish to experience the
complete ordeal, hour per hour, we have 3 staff members who have
studied the Columbine Shooting in good detail to bring you the
full experience. Extended security training will be issued to
all factions, SWAT-type briefing is included for the SWAT Team
faction. To get them psychologically ready for the role of the
Trench Coat Mafia, players in the Trench Coat Mafia faction are
donned in long black trench coats first, then trained with DOOM2
on computers, just as the real Trench Coat Mafia did in their
homes on their own PCs. $10 extra per person.

(Except players as innocent students/teachers)

The price includes grenades. Please call in advance to
place reservations for the full-blown experience.

We have an indoor arena
that replicates pretty much the same dimensions as Columbine
High-School as to re-live closely the Columbine Shooting.



Image Gallery

Experience the Columbine
PaintBall with a group of high-school students. A group of
high-school students arrive at the Columbine PaintBall. Almost
half of them want to go in as The Trench Coat Mafia.


Enjoy Columbine PaintBall as
a group outing. A few of the girls are getting ready to go in as
innocent students and run for their lives.


Come enjoy Columbine PaintBall
as a family. Here we have Greg and Stephie before going in the
game. Greg is going in as a SWAT operative and Stephie is going
in as an innocent student.


Columbine PaintBall staff
prepares the players adequately for safety and fun before every
game. Here we have one of our staff members preparing a group of
students that are going in as The Trench Coat Mafia.


Columbine PaintBall has enough
room for everybody. Play in our play-room while you are waiting
for a game to complete. We also have food and drinks at good
prices. Some food items are identical to what you can find at
Columbine High-School Cafeteria.


Here we have a player playing
as a SWAT operative. As you can see from his face-plate, he got
eliminated by the Trench Coat Mafia.


Contact UsSend us your comments,
questions and business inquiries at:

8900 E Pershing Blvd

Cheyenne, Wyoming

82009-8794, USA

Please make sure we have all
your information so we can contact you by phone.

E-mail is checked everyday so you will be contacted very
soon after you send your mail.

We care about customer
satisfaction and we have the means to make sure that every
Columbine PaintBall experience is a pleasant one.

Read the mail we get.



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