O Boy

From: Rolf Taipale [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: April-21-04 12:21 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: O Boy

A friend of mine told me about this webpaige, and I must say I didn’t believe her at first.

I read some of the mail you’d got, and a question came up:

Why does everybody want you dead?

Is it something american? That people want to kill other people? Want them to go to “hell”.

I can’t understand how anyone want someone else dead, to finish one’s life, to decide such things. I think it’s horrible.

I come from Sweden, a country in Europe if you don’t know, and here it isn’t legal to kill ANYONE.

I would never go to your little Columbine, and it would probably quite hard to get there too… Over the atlantic and such, but if others want to pretend to kill people, I guess it’s up to them.

I can’t see any point to be angry with you, apparently it doesn’t matter, when so many think shooting is awesome.

Have fun all you weirdos.

Malin Taipale

We don’t have a “webpaige”, whatever that is. We don’t believe it either.

Everybody wants us dead because we were smarter than them to have fun and make nice profits by remembering Columbine.

Yes, it is something American to kill other people. Look at all the wars the US is involved in that kill people everyday. Citizens don’t do anything to prevent it, therefore they must like killing people.

It is unlawful to kill in North-America, but Americans seem to think that they have the right to kill anyone they want.

The Atlantic can be crossed by boat and plane in this century, it is not that far.

Don’t be angry, come play some games and have fun! We DO have fun, you should to!