Your sickness

From: Richy C [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 1-Mar-02 11:00
To: [email protected]
Subject: Your sickness

You must be joking about your whole columbine experience. How can you take that pure hate and try to make it “a safe and fun experience?” People were slaughtered in that attack, and you even think it would be fun to remake it? I hope you get sued by every relative of every victim of that attack. You are a sick, worthless child. Grow up, leave paintball alone. Let me guess, your next addition will be 9/11 paintball, “experience the thrill of having a boeing dismantle your body as a worker, know w hat i t’s like to be crushed by tons of metal while you try to save someone who’s dead or dieng from falling 600 feet. What a thrill!” I hope you die in a terrorist attack, so you too can feel the rush of being an “innocent victim.” Bastard.

People remake battles all the time. Thanks for your suggestions, we’ll go to work on that right now.

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