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Sent: May-09-05 5:57 PM
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Very creative. great idea to play paintball in a building/ school setting.  A little twisted though.  Was it really necessary to link this to the comumbine shooting.

Yes! Very creative! Thank you!

We linked it to the Columbine shooting, not the “comumbine” shooting, whatever that is. – TeamPaint

Today’s the DAY!

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Sent: April-20-04 5:12 PM
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Subject: Today’s the DAY!


Today’s the 5th anniversary and only today did I find your website.  I’d like to reserve one half day experience.  I’ve got 23 confirmed participates.  Let me know what the down payment is.  I am so psyched!  This will be the best paintball experience I’ve ever run across.  I’m looking at the 3rd of July.  Please contact me as soon as possible so I can firm up the logistics.


You are reserved, no down payment. We are overjoyed!