You must have known some people would love this or you wouldnt have created it

Author : Tempe
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You must have known some people would love this or you wouldnt have created it.It might encourage young people to think violence is cool.It certainly doesnt teach them love. However,it might be useful as training for the public and rescue people.If used in a constructive way it might be more useful than harmful.

Of course we knew people would love it! How can Columbine Paintball NOT be loved?

We certainly encourage young people to think that violence is cool, when it’s done with harmless paint balls.

It teaches them the love of paintball.

The training at Columbine Paintball is invaluable. This training has served all over the world.

We are very constructive and the facility is certainly useful to commemorate.



From: Christie [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: April-20-04 3:43 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: disgraceful

To whom it may concern:

Your website was recently brought to my attention and I am appalled by what I see.  How dare you trivialize the death of innocent people!  What happened at Columbine was not a game.  Innocent people, children, died.  I have nothing against the game of paintball, but I think you have taken it too far.  Our country has been through many tragedies and is combatting needless violence on a daily basis.  Turning these horrible acts into a game not only trivializes it, but it encourages this  violence and is telling people that it is ok and even fun to engage in these acts of violence.  I am offended as an American that you brought your ignorance to my country.  You should take your game back to where you came from.


Christie Rotarius

Our web site can’t be THAT appalling, we had SOME design put into it.

We are offended that you think a tribute trivializes.


comments about your facility

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: April-20-04 1:39 PM
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: comments about your facility

To whom it may concern:

I am a youth pastor in Michigan who was on the internet doing some research about the 5th anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings.

I was absolutely disgusted to find the website about your business.  What kind of sick and twisted person finds it acceptable to not only capitalize on murder, but finds it acceptable to promote the glorification of violence and the heroism of two criminal mass-murderers who weren’t even heroic enough to stick around to justify their actions?

Be assured that I will be forwarding this e-mail as well as your web address to my address book of well respected, upstanding, moral colleagues and I trust that they will forward it to their colleagues as well.  I promise you that this email as well as your web address is being sent to people who will have no reservations about dragging you name and reputation through the muck and mud that will hopefully put you out of business on the grounds of moral vagrancy.

Sirs, you apparantly have no idea or regard for the pain and anguish suffered by thousands of people because of events like the Columbine shootings.  It is people like you that make it almost impossible for people like me to explain why this world is going to hell.

You are a disgrace to columbine High School, our country, and to the human race.

May God have mercy on your filthy souls.

With utter sincerity,

Kenneth E. Proctor, III
Lansing, MI

You should not be disgusted with the web site, it’s not that bad.

We do not know what kind of sick and twisted person finds it acceptable to capitalize on murder, and promote the glorification of violence. If you find him, bring him to us, we have a few paint balls for his ass.

We have not heard from your colleagues. To drag our name and reputation through the muck and mud, you need to soil yourself in that muck and mud. Perhaps they do not enjoy touching muck and mud. Does not fit well with pastor garments.

We DO have an idea of the pain suffered by thousands, we re-create it every day

We are not a disgrade to Columbine High School, you mis-interpret our tribute.

Thanks for the wishes of mercy, it is appreciated.

Please take care, Glass Crosses can be very fragile.