From: Larry David [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: April-12-04 7:46 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Hmmm

I’m guessing by this sick joke that you are trying to get a point across to the American public. And I assume you are Canadian.  You think this kind of shit is making a difference?  You condemn America for being so screwed up and for all the violence yet you are even worse for making such a bullshit site.  You wonder why Canadians get such a bad name?  It’s people like you who think it’s your god-given right to make sure everyone knows how superior you are to everyone else.  The only thing this site is doing is showing how stupid and arrogant you really are.  And you’re giving your hick ass country a bad name.  You could have spent all these resources to actually do some good in this world.  Don’t lecture the Denver Post about helping the American Public when all you do is corrupt it.  Well anyway that’s just my opinion and I think it’s very sad that you spend this much time and energy just to prove to this entire country that you are nothing but low-lifes.  Good luck with your shit.

This shit DOES make a difference! In our bank account!

Funny about letting everyone else know you are superior…. that’s pretty much the Americans who do that.  AND WE LOVE IT! That’s why we moved to the U.S!

We were pretty sure that it is the Denver Post that is corrupting America but not informing them on what is really going on in the country that is actually destroying it. WE are not corrupting anything, we just play paintball. That’s a fucked up view to think that we corrupt anything.

Good luck with your shit as well! We love this shit!


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