How many emails?

[email protected] 2009/12/25 at 4:00am

Guys, how many emails will it take before you will accept that your product is in extremely bad taste and disrespectful to the dead and the survivors?

It will take as many emails as necessary.  We don’t know how many yet.

Please send more until we do.


You must have known some people would love this or you wouldnt have created it

Author : Tempe
E-mail : [email protected]


You must have known some people would love this or you wouldnt have created it.It might encourage young people to think violence is cool.It certainly doesnt teach them love. However,it might be useful as training for the public and rescue people.If used in a constructive way it might be more useful than harmful.

Of course we knew people would love it! How can Columbine Paintball NOT be loved?

We certainly encourage young people to think that violence is cool, when it’s done with harmless paint balls.

It teaches them the love of paintball.

The training at Columbine Paintball is invaluable. This training has served all over the world.

We are very constructive and the facility is certainly useful to commemorate.


Hope it works out the way you want it too

Author : paintball sniper
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Hope it works out the way you want it too. I think it can be a good thing if it is done respectfully.

It is working great!

All to honor the dead, out of respect.


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Author : Paul  [email protected]
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ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS? The Columbine shooting was a horrible event. I’m a serious paintballer myself, and love my sport, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PEOPLE! You’re glorifying a terrible event that we would rather forget than relive. To recreate a battle is one thing . . . but to recreate a massacre is something else entirely! I am not going to stand for this. Change your theme, or I guarantee the respectable sector of the paintball community will mount an all-out campaign against you — and I’ll join it!

We are serious.

If you are a serious paintballer yourself, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, COME PROVE IT!

We are not glorifying a terrible event, we are commemorating a terrible event that we would rather remember and relive.

Yes, recreating a battle and recreating a massacre are something else entirely!

You don’t have to stand, you may crouch for this. It is paintball after all.

We will not change our theme, people have worked hard to create it. It is to be treasured.

So, by your logic, if we do not change the theme, the respectable sector of paintball community, such as ourselves, will mount an all-out campaign against us. THAT IS EXCELLENT NEWS!!!! We can then have a MASSIVE paintball campaign composed of the respectable paintball community. THAT IS AWESOME! You’re the best!