From: Calafato, Guy T CECOM DCSRM [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: April-21-04 1:12 PM
To: ‘[email protected]
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Subject: Americans?
Importance: High

Folks –

You have crossed the line into moral bankruptcy.  To further your own economic wellbeing, you have established a business which taps into the vast reservoir of truly sick individuals willing to pay money for an emotional high based on the degradation of other human beings.  Your lack of conscience puts you in an elite group of companions which includes equally destructive businesses such as child pornography dealers, drug dealers, and pimps.

I do congratulate you on having found a way to tap this vast money pool legally.  But, inaccurately, you are furthering the corruption of all of American society, both Canadian and U.S. and are labeling it a “game”. Truly, you should label your business to reflect what it really represents – A training camp….every bit as destructive to this counry as those in Afghanistan.

The saddest part is that you are obviously folks of intelligence, resourcefulness, and truly untapped potential……..why not use your talents to promote the goodness of mankind, instead of its morale decline.

Just a thought.

Guy T. Calafato, 3rd

We could further our “wellbeing” if we knew what that is.

We are barely anything close to “elite” group of anything. We have never heard of them, they never call us or anything. We are far from destroying lives with drugs, your suggestion is a bit off.

We can hardly achieve the level of training offered by a training camp.  First of all we only have paintball markers, not real guns, and we stick to the Columbine scenario, which is not very adapted to any other scenarios. We are nowhere near the caliber of training provided by something like Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

From your email address we gather that you are in the military. We consider that promoting the goodness of mankind, instead of it’s moral decline would be YOUR job, as it has been your oath to do so, or at least defend what it is now.

That’s right, you had just a thought. It was cute, though.