I will tell you what you have

Author : Katie  E-mail : [email protected]


I will tell you what you have. You have a very common disease, sadly you have it to the extreme. It’s called exploiting. You are using one of the most disgusting, tragic, and HORRIBLE situations America has experienced and saying “hey, we’ll re-create it! fun huh?” It’s like someone re-creating the gas chambers of world war two, or the torture chambers. Is that cool with you? Do you think anyone who was actually there would like this, I like how you say you will experience the emotions. I’d like to take a gun to your head while chasing you, think it’s fun? or how about the parents, who watched at home as the scene unraveled? Think they’d like seeing what their sons did. I hope you are happy with what you have done. Made the world an awful, sad, disgusting place one person at a time.

My sincerest hopes that you shall soon experience this in the fullest, death and all, Katie

We have the “Exploiting” disease? And we have to TeH XXXXXTREEEEEEEMMMMEEE?

You are very astute, we did in fact tell ourselves  “Hey, we’ll re-create it! Fun huh?”, except we put capital letters in the beginning of our sentences. Were you somehow recording us? Were you spying on us? Who are you? You are close to getting yourself hammered by paintballs….

We DID re-create gas chambers! Well, they are actually SHOWERS, which is what they were also in World War 2. We also have the torture chambers, they are random class rooms in our re-creation and we have a full team pummel someone with paintballs. TONS of fun! You seem to be into that sort of thing, you should come over!

YES, we are happy with what we have done, and so are our customers.

We don’t make the world an awful, sad and disgusting place one person at a time, we make the world an awesome, fun, pleasant place ONE GROUP at a time, not just one person at a time.

How can we experience death….if we are already dead? Katie, we think you may need some schooling in logic.


You should be ASHAMED!!

From: Jeannine Dean [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: April-20-04 10:33 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: You should be ASHAMED!!

You people should be more than ashamed of yourselves!!  This is sick!!  There should be a better adjective for you than just “sick” but I don’t think there is anything low enough to describe you for taking a horrible tragedy and profiting from it.  You disgust me and so does anyone who would go to your sick excuse for fun!!

Remember, God does remember what we do here on earth and I believe you will get what’s coming to you for doing this.

How dare you!!

Outraged citizen in Kansas!

We are not more ashamed of ourselves, our level of shame is quite acceptable right now, which is none at all.

This is not sick. We participate in the long lasting memory of this event.

Find your better adjective and please let us know what you find.

Paintball is not a sick excuse for fun. Don’t slam it until you try it!

We know God appreciates our effort to remember those who lost their lives.