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Public response has been unexpectedly warm and full of praise!



your comments (“Mark” <[email protected]>)

Hello Web Owner-
I’ve noticed your comments on how Americans are so ignorant that they’d believe anything. I’d just like to say that the reason for the concern over the columbine paintball site wasn’t because so many people believed it. The reason was that if that got out on the news anywhere whether it be real or fake would have a  tremendous negative impact on the sport of paintball. As a concerned paintball player I took the website as being fake but as stated I believe that it was very negative and could have damaged my sport. Thanks for listening, I hope you kind of see where I’m coming from. Other then that I dont have much of a problem with the rest of your site because it is free speech and you do bring up some interesting points.


■ Finally, some intelligent communication going on here. This is the only intelligent mail that I received, that has a minimum of eloquence that actually represents a valid perspective, also with a minimum of English errors (1 evident error). Regarding the comment on the people believing anything is a sad truth among the majority of the population. If I consider the mails I received over this, maybe 3 mails demonstrated the sender as having any intelligence at all, when the majority believed that paintball facility actually existed. My comments are based on this statistic, which is less than 3% of people that presented any decent intelligence within a given number of mails. I must say though, that Jay Leno’s Jay Walking and Street Smarts show a pretty sad face of ignorance offered by the American people. However,  I do not have any statistics derived from these 2 shows on the percentage of ignorant people they find versus the relatively intelligent or knowledgeable.

I have to say that I fail to see how it would ever harm the wonderful sport of paintball that I have immensely enjoyed myself a few times. What would  any news source have said about Columbine Paintball? I doubt that it would have made a compelling story. If the media would have gotten a hold of it, I would tend to believe that they would try to display the creators of such an outlandish project, much more than criticizing the exhilarating sport of paintball, which is very well accepted by all the people I know. Moreover, any respectable news crew would have investigated if such a venture existed before diffusing any story, as to prevent being ridiculed afterwards for doing a story on a simple joke web page, however twisted it may be. There are far worse sites out there and they don’t seem to have bad publicity over their content. I very much doubt anything would have gotten out about it since there is nothing news worthy about it, other than the fact that a lot of complaints were received from people who have a hard time to read and then compose a complete, intelligible sentence that makes comprehensive sense.

When I started receiving hate mail in a quantity that was becoming ridiculous, especially people who believed it to be real, I put up a disclaimer on the top of the page that read:

Disclaimer: Columbine PaintBall is a web site for entertainment purposes only. Columbine Paintball is not an actual paintball facility, nor is there any monetary profits related to Columbine Paintball.  However, the ignorant mail people send us pathetic. Apparently people will believe anything, such as believing that a plane actually crashed into the Pentagon on 9-11.”

Now, knowing that the news media is all owned and controlled by people who control us also (Operation Mockingbird, The subversion of the free press by the CIA), notably the state and large business partners and ultimately Israel, the news corporations are part of the government scams. News releases are actually controlled by higher powers than the actual news editors. On the morning of September 11th 2001 I had heard the news reports myself that a truck had exploded and damaged the Pentagon. Very quickly after that the media stated that an airliner had crashed into the Pentagon, without mentioning their earlier error of them mentioning the truck.

We also know that from the images found on the link provided on the top of this web page, there is no way a plane could have caused so little damage to the Pentagon building. The damage is consistent with an exploding truck. Anyone who has basic notions of physics will see this immediately by looking at the pictures. However, I would not be surprised that a great number of people never noticed this physical discrepancy of the news reports. Maybe for a lot of them their scholar education might not be sufficient, on purpose, to recognize the error. But I suspect that it’s much more a problem stemmed from the “Hey, it’s on TV so it must be real!” syndrome than from a lack of physics education. Since the media knows that most people blatantly believe what is presented on TV, higher powers such as the government use this as a tool to shape the public belief that will later help them in their scams. It may also be used for good purposes, but rarely I would guess.

What I’m getting at is that because I had that disclaimer on the top of the page that might prompt people to question the media and what actually happened on September 11th, the media would probably never have shown or published anything about the Columbine Paintball web page. So as far as the Columbine Paintball web page spreading to the media, I was not worried.

As for your concern for paintball sporting, I understand the dynamics of your thought. I have to say that where I live, paintball is as valid as any other group activity to go out and have fun, without any back thought about it. Nobody here views paintball as a violence inciting activity that should be banned or anything as crazy of the sort. At least here, if you are against paintball, I would figure that you would be in minority. People here understand that paintball is a game that is actually very safe when combined with the proper protection equipment and safety guidelines, which I’m sure practically all paintball businesses understand and enforce upon their customers. If you live in an area where people take any opportunity to put down paintball, I must say that what they are doing is ignorant shit and they should be educated. Take them to a paintball center and show them what it’s actually like. For all paintball enthusiasts who love the paintball sport and are uselessly put down by people, this might be a good suggestion to raise consciousness about a damned cool game.

As for your last ideas, I also believe that some links listed here provide news sources that raise interesting questions. Some information is actually put up by individuals who have worked on different subjects. I suggest you read up on the  subjects that interest you the most. Some information provided might be off, invalid, totally ridiculous or simply for entertainment value. Some misinformation planted by the government might also be in there for example. Your judgment and instinct should be used when reading ANYTHING, being books, the internet and especially the news papers (you know, the media owned by the state… government propaganda…)

We have to acknowledge that there is indeed stuff going on behind our backs, and finding the right information sources can be tricky. Always look who’s behind a publication. Sometimes you will have to look behind many people to find them. Be wise my friend and consider carefully the information that you read. It might also mean that I’m way off about a lot of things on this page…Use your good judgment along with your right to free speech.




I want to know more. ([email protected])

Your a nut job I love it.

■  Heh! I like this guy.




a question?? (“ashvuklic” <[email protected]>)

if you really love paintball like us, why the heck are you doing that site? please shut it down, that was a terrible event and should be remembered, but NOT reinacted, i just don’t understand what the heck you are thinking, shut it down now or paintball will be forever damaged…..

■ This will permit me to detail why Columbine Paintball ever existed and what has evolved out of it. Columbine Paintball is not online anymore and I agree that what happened is indeed terrible and should be remembered. Sadly, the event was not an isolated case and was repeated. Please rest assured that there never was any paintball facility to begin with, hence, no re-enacting. I can say that many people other than you have left me mail, believing that the facility actually existed, hence proving that people didn’t read the disclaimer that was precisely warning them that it did not exist. As for paintball being forever damaged, reporters can be idiots too, uneducated or perhaps desperate to get food on their table. Educate them, voice your opinions. Some media outlets actually run corrections on previous stories they might have reported.

Now, how Columbine Paintball came to existence. June 2001 we were a few buddies talking about all and nothing, telling various jokes about various things. Yes, they were mostly regular jokes that regular people tell each other, and not all necessarily horribly twisted. Somehow, the idea of Columbine Paintball popped out, I do not remember the thread of conversation as to explain why that came out. The web site was setup as a joke between us. It was not visited. It wasn’t meant to be. It was just for a few people. It was never submitted to any web search engines or even publicized, never linked to any other web sites. This web page remained without hits since June 2001. It remained without visitors for almost 10 months, until now. We had actually forgotten about it. The joke was done between us, it was done. Nobody thought of it anymore. It was out of our minds.

What I’m wondering is how the hell did it get 4000 hits in a week! It’s ridiculous!!! Search engine web crawlers probably picked up our site on their regular scouring of the net and stored it as to be searchable on their service. So there were some people who stumbled upon the web page by error or by search for particular words, probably looking for paintball stuff since the most people that seem to be pissed off were paintball enthusiasts concerned about bad publicity their sport might receive. Meanwhile, the mail address left on the site became invalid and there is probably some mail that I missed from people that posted from the old site. I fixed the mail address and received hate mail, a bit more than 100 of them.

I wish to present the idea that the people who actually spread the link are the ones that caused the most damage, if any actual damage has been done at all. We did not spread the link to the site, so somebody else did. Perhaps it’s the paintballers who spread the link that should be blamed for the proliferation of the site that would have made it reach the media. Perhaps it’s actually representatives of the media who spread the link as a cheap ploy to break a lame story once enough people had seen it. Purely speculation of course.

Now, since the web site was not made to be spread everywhere, I decided to do something useful with it, as this is probably pleasing a lot of the people that asked to shut down the site, and made something that’s actually constructive to make people think or re-think about things that are far more important and relevant to their well-being than to just let them bitch about a lame-ass joke site.




“Columbine Paintball” (Hawk <[email protected]>)

To the creator/owner of the site “Columbine Paintball”.

Personally, I don’t care if it was satire or a joke or whatever. It was sick and demented to even toy with the idea. Not only are you mocking the tragic deaths of the students and teaching staff, but you are also creating a bad image for the spo rt of paintball. People DIED that day, and you are posting a site making it look like a great way for a family to spend the day. Are you damaged? The site wan’t funny at all.

And now, as it seems that you have “come under fire” from others outraged at your twisted sense of humor, you are all of a sudden spouting off about how some of the incidents the Trageties of 9/11/01 are part of some governmental cover-up. What the h ell does that have to do with the fact that you posted a site ( with NO disclaimer showing it to be anything other than real) that was nothing short of being totally depraved? Don’t try to divert the outrage to your mockery of one tragety, by trying to show something about another. No one is fooled by your feeble attempt to divert their anger.

Please just take it down. Obviously, you did not consider the consequenses of your actions. You have outraged the world of scenario paintball and totally disrepected everyone that died at Columbine High School that day.


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■ No, I don’t Yahoo.

Sick and demented are people who abduct children, kill children, and then rape the dead children after they have killed them. Perhaps sick and demented are the people who would actually believe such a blatantly fake joke site, choose to be offended, then start blasting insults just for blasting insults because it was easier to blast unintelligible insults than to actually use their brain to wonder if it was real, or use their brain for anything else that would have been much easily more constructive. “Oh no! Don’t use your brain! Aneurysm…uugh… !!” Maybe if people used their brain more and exercised tolerance and good judgment, their lives would be happier and less stressful. Well, maybe not. Some things are not very enjoyable when you are aware of them, things that a lot of people don’t realize, things that are indeed part of the world they live in. Ignorance really is bliss. Good for them. I prefer to believe that knowledge is power and not live in the sheep matrix created by the powers of this world.

You say the site wasn’t funny. I disagree. I received mail that said it was hilarious, even more so because their friends had left me hate mail because they were so gullible.

I suggest you read my  preceding responses to mail that explain why I changed the site to something more constructive when we came unexpectedly under fire. I believe that demonstrates that we didn’t sink to the level of idiocy that was displayed in the hate mail we received. As for the disclaimer, it was up shortly after I received a ridiculous quantity if ignorant mail from people who believed Columbine Paintball was real. Then, after even have put up the disclaimer stating it was not real, people still believed it was real. Proof of illiteracy in America. If nobody is fooled by my constructive attempt to divert misguided anger towards worthwhile world issues for the good of mankind, then these people must be highly intelligent and I am sorry to have attempted to help them help help themselves and the rest of the world.

Even when creating a constructive web site, acting to suggestions received in hate mail, it remains criticized. I consider that to be really ignorant shit. Like I said, it seems way too much easier for people to hate blindly than to reason intelligently. The powers of this world know this sad fact and they use it to their advantage. Moreover, the number of hits on the web page has reduced quite drastically since the new page has been up. It appears that the new content with links to make people think and use their brains is not as interesting as the old Columbine Paintball web page, which was of course easier for them to read,  believe blindly and make them angry enough to send the link all over the place to make other people miserable over nothing. Oh, geez, I’m so sorry for trying to kill your brain cells by making you think a bit and perhaps spread information that might help our world instead of having you spread misery.

According the majority of mail from surfers, in their opinion and according to the life standards they chose to adhere to, the site was without good taste, yes. However I’m curious to know how some Arab dude in the middle-east would feel about something that made a mockery of Americans being killed by other Americans who’s parents probably didn’t supervise them enough or took interest in what they were up to with their lives. I guess that if I was an Arab dude in the middle-east, I would be laughing my fucking ass off. I’m just guessing,  you know. I don’t know. I don’t know, because I’m not an Arab dude that lives in a country where Americans have been killing my people without any good motivation for decades now, other than to get their greedy murderous hands on the petrol that lies in my native soil, petrol that would serve to power their polluting machines that are destroying the environment more than anyone else in the world. I don’t know, it’s just a wild guess. I really don’t know.

I wish to point out that a lot of people have serious problems with their priorities. It seems that they choose it more important to bitch about a joke page that has a bad sense of humor, more important than to bitch to their government which is killing innocent people abroad in an unjustified manner, a government that is fucking taxpayers senseless with illegal income taxes since World War 1 in a monetary system where tender does not represent any collateral anymore, where fake money is created without limits. That puts a few things in perspective. Our joke page did not respect the dead? Fuck that shit. Hey, we’re worry we shook your comfortable little microcosm in which you live, within which you do not see what’s going on in the rest of the world. Yeah, we apologize for the lame web site.

Now that you have got that out of the way of your short sighted feelings, you can now spend some energy on issues that need serious attention if your brain can handle it of course, issues that are affecting your life and everybody’s life now and in the future, larger issues that will bear more weight on how you live, issues that will could even restrict you even more from playing your little paintball than your local idiot journalists. I doubt you’ll be playing much paintball when you’ll be forced to fight for your country for years at a time somewhere abroad or in your home land, fighting for your country because other countries retaliated against arrogant American foreign policies which include murdering innocent people, fucking countries economically with Echelon spy bases, forcing their views upon countries that are not interested in those views, establishing unwelcome military presences. You will fight  for who? You and your fellow Americans? No! You will be fighting for people who are eternally sitting on their fat ass laughing at you because you are doing what they want you to do that is serving their greedy wishes, at the same time that they are stealing your hard earned money from you with their corrupt banking system. If you are forced to fight for your country, you will believe it’s for a good cause, a cause that will be for America, for what you will think is what America believes in and stands for, because once again the government will have pulled a blind over your already blind eyes to make you believe what it wants you to believe that will serve their evil power-mad purposes. It fucking scares me shitless to think that the blind mass of sheep people that composes the North-American continent is actually more dangerous than the minority of people that control this world, egomaniacs that are the really twisted enough fucks to come up with murderous scams simply to manipulate people to realize their power trip dreams.

We have outraged the world of scenario paintball? To me it seems very narrow minded and ignorant to mention that the paintball world is outraged when outrageously outrageous American policies have been voted into law to imprison the very same American citizens which you comprise, label them as terrorists for doing non-terrorist activities to imprison them without trial simply because it will permit the government to crack down on anyone they wish, for any reason they see fit. I do not call that freedom anymore. Isn’t freedom supposed to be what American stands for? Freedom of speech and action, freedom of privacy? The American government does not stand for freedom anymore. You HAVE to realize this. Also ask yourself if the government will publicize over the media that they have imprisoned a so called terrorist that they have labeled on the fly because it serves their purpose, to put him away simply because he went against the government. Why would they hide that they put away someone that was a nuisance to them, someone that could fuck up their worldwide scams? I don’t think so because they also control the media and the whole concept is some really scary shit. Year 2000 is the beginning of the Big Brother era and people are not even realizing it, so much smokescreens put up in front of the public when the world powers are taking absolute and total control of what you will be allowed to do, without giving you the chance to fight back, ever. I consider this to be an outrage more than anything else.




not funny ([email protected])

Go FUCK yourself! Your sick. You’ve got some major issues. You may thinks its funny how gullible people are but making fun of the Columbine incident isn’t funny at a ll. May you die a slow and horrible death.
Doom on you motherfucker.

■ Come on and bring itz !! We thinks we’z haz enuf ammoz to seyously painball yo ass!!!!!!!         :)



Comments (garret  <[email protected]>)

“If the media would have gotten a hold of it, I would tend to believe that they would try to display the creators of such an outlandish project, much more than criticizing the exhilarating sport of paintball, which is very well accepted by all the people I know.”

I’m not sure if you got the first one I sent because I had an error when I tried to send it from a different thing. Anyway I think that the name of your site could be the story for some author that has nothing better to do seeing as how they’ve made negative stories out of things much less important than a name of a website that has nothing to do with what it has on it. They have blamed the sport of paintball for stupid kids that take their mask off during a game and get an eye shot out when they are told time and again not to. Also, I dont think someone is uneducated becuase they made a typing error or they choose to believe a certain thing. Look at Charles Darwin, he came up with the theory of evolution is way off the mark but he was very smart. To the quote above, if someone where to acually make a facility to reinact Columbine then they would blame the sport of paintball I think and that’s according to stupid kid comment above. I think that people have more to worry about then if it was a plane or a truck that blew up that did the damage. Anyone with half a brain in my opinion wouldn’t blame the Arab nations for 9-11 or at least the people I know as well as myself, but we are mad that some nations over there are helping them out. Obviously there will never be world peace and if there is I’ll be gone (according to the Bible) I believe. That’s all I can remember from my first one I tried to send or sent, probably even more? well I’d like to know what you think about all of my rambling hahaha.

“I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.” -Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

Well if that is true let it be the case! I’m here for one reason and that is to serve God and by helping Israel then I’m helping some of Gods chosen people.

“This is the only intelligent mail that I received, that has a minimum of eloquence that actually represents a valid perspective, also with a minimum of English errors (1 evident error).”

Personally I dont think that your education should be based what so ever on how good your grammar is. You made a few errors as well by the way. Ok enough of my rambling.

“Play hard, pray harder”
Magoo (Nickname by the way)
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■ No, I still don’t Yahoo.

For the name of the website, it does not represent anything anymore. It is meaningless now. If someone were to do a story on the name of the web site, the story would only turn out as meaningless as the name, there wouldn’t be any meat to feed a good story. Nonetheless, as you say, there exists lame journalists in this world and they are probably your local crew variety more than anything on major news stations and it’s still possible. However, being part of a local crew would make it very easy for you to stick it back in their face and make them know how it was lame. However, with the different content that this site now offers, the media will stay well away from it since it would implicate them in government scams.

Regarding kids playing paintball, I have to say that letting kids under 18 might be dangerous because safety is not always on their minds and they are easily distracted compared to adults, especially with the recent generation of young people with short attention spans. Shit, even adults remove their masks out of carelessness. Then again, children are the responsibility of the parents and if the parents decided to let the children play, they are allowing them to learn a cool game sometimes dangerous and are allowing the children to learn the hard way if it comes to that. However, it would not prevent any other adult from getting an eye shot out if he starts playing at age 30. I understand how the media might blame paintball in an ignorant manner. They do indeed do that. However, they are probably acting out of pressure from people that want to prove that paintball is bad. These are the people at the source of the problem that you must find and educate. If the media realizes that nobody cares anymore to ban paintball, they wouldn’t have any reason to show a story that would compel to those people. Media and marketing know exactly what the public wants from region to region and they play on those strong points to gain ratings and money. If you do not ask the media to increase the quality of their reports, they will know that they are dealing with a public that accepts lower standards and they will adjust the stories accordingly, hence reporting ignorant shit as paintball being responsible for this and that. Put pressure on them to cover stories that are more meaningful and they just might change if enough pressure is used. This will lead them to cover better stories and leave behind dumb stories about paintball being responsible for things that it’s not even responsible for.

I don’t believe either that someone is uneducated because he made a few typing errors. It does not invalidate any reasonable point of view either. However, you must ask yourself what kind of people leave you mail that looks like a transcript of something that the WB Tasmanian Devil might have said. When I mentioned letter 1’s errors it wasn’t meant to rate the quality of the point of view, but to add that as a bonus the letter was well written, aside from displaying valid views.

Regarding Charles Darwin with his theory of evolution, that still remains a debated topic. Myself tend to think that it was the fittest that survived and not organisms that adapted to their environment. This is still debatable because much people don’t even understand Darwin’s theory.  I don’t even remember the other guy’s name, the guy that states that organisms adapted. I believe that there is a possibility that evolution is actually a grey area between both theories, that both theories might have some merit to explain the nature of biological evolution on this earth. However, this subject is a whole other bunch of web sites.  :)  And as you say, the dude was certainly intelligent and unlike the majority surfers that have sent mail, he displayed his intelligence.

You say that people have more to worry about than if a truck or a plane damaged the Pentagon. I ask you now to consider the following. Let’s say that an airliner crashed into the Pentagon. What does it mean? It probably means that it was hijacked by some Arab people that hate America, which is actually the case in the world right now, Arabs do hate America. It means that they attacked us and we must retaliate and bomb the hell out of Arab nations. Al the while, this will accomplish the goal of hurting them bad enough to advance American military forces onto their territory and perhaps invade their land to take control of it. Why all this? To pass pipelines to the allied nations to harvest oil needed to enrich the capitalist nations. This would be a good reason to make people believe Arabs attacked the Pentagon because it would serve the greedy capitalists and Israel, because Israel hates the Arabs and making America rich makes Israel richer since America gives Israel billions of dollars, just because, without reason. Actually there is a reason why America is giving Israel billions of dollars per year, that’s because Israel controls America through blackmail and pressure, as Israel has blackmailed and pressured their way into power since 1896.

See, if you crash 2 planes into the World Trace Center, you attack a international symbol of economic structure, which perhaps means something against international capitalism. If you attack the Pentagon also at the same time, you attack the symbol of military power of the United States, along with their capitalist regime. Attacking the the Pentagon just makes it much more personal and you’d better fucking run for your life.

Now, let’s say that a truck exploded and damaged the Pentagon, which makes sense because the Pentagon quite certainly has 24 hour aerial surveillance at all time that would have intercepted a civilian airliner headed for a restricted air space such as the air space over the Pentagon. If an exploding truck damages the Pentagon, you know for sure that it was not a terrorist attack because there is no way any terrorists would have been able to park right besides the Pentagon with a truck full of explosives. Not without special entry clearance, not without having been followed by the FBI, CIA or whoever else spies on suspected terrorists. You can bet your ass that the Pentagon is protected like a motherfucker. The best kept secrets of the world are in there. So, if it’s not terrorists, it has to be the government. Even more basic, we know by re-examining the pictures that no plane crashed into the Pentagon. If so, why is the media so adamant to say that a plane crashed? Because that’s what they have been ordered to say by the government. Now, knowing that the government purposely damaged the Pentagon to fuel even more the hatred towards Arabs, you know that your government is pulling off scams by killing it’s own citizens, which is why the difference between an airliner and a truck damaging the Pentagon is something that is much more important to worry about than a great number of things.

World peace would not be too far if all the countries were not so paranoid as to spy on each other endlessly to gain power. Power trips are what’s ruining this world. World powers keep people ignorant as to keep them out of their way to more power and money. Many nations practice this and it’s degrading the world while some dudes who control it all profit from it. If you live in a wooden shack in the woods with your cows, pigs and chickens, are you happy? Fuck yeah, because you have what you need to survive and live. People go on power trips that ruin lives simply because they decided not to be content with the minimum they need. If these people didn’t exist I believe we’d all be living good happy lives without all this bullshit. Different colored people can live together, different languages can co-exist, multiple religions can co-exist…. but some people had to go and fuck it all up with their power trips or fighting over what is called the holy land fore some reason that would not change much anyways.

If you believe that Israel is still the chosen people, you might want to re-read your biblical readings. If your publication is Jewish, forget it, get another source. Jews manipulate the media and use it to have American gain sympathy for them. Consider getting your biblical publications from sources other than Jewish. I say this because an Arab friend of mine told me a story about Moses leading a raiding party to invade Jerusalem or something and they refused, I forget the details, and something in there in the ordeal made Israel lose their status as the chosen people because of something they did or did not do. I have no idea, some clarification is needed on this, although I find it irrelevant if Israel is the chosen people or not. Perhaps some clarification would shed some light on how the Jewish community have modified biblical readings to their advantage or not.

I do not believe either that education is based on how good your grammar is. However, I tend to think that your grammar should be based on how good your education is, and some people’s grammar do not seem to reflect any respectable education for English as a primary language. Maybe they are learning to read and write? In that case that’s good and practice makes perfect, or at least better and better.

Yes, I made a few mistakes myself, but the difference is that I make a few mistakes in a couple of pages when most mail I have received presented a few mistakes in as little as a few words. Also, unlike many people, I re-read what I write most of the time to try to correct mistakes I might have made. Of course, if you find any mistakes and tell me, I will take it constructively and correct them.



I want to know more. ([email protected])

Just a little question. Why would they (U.S.A) lie about a plane or a truck hitting the Pentagon? Either way something hit it! What’s the difference?

I still think the way you are telling people about the US Government is disgusting. What do you care about the US Government anyway if you are in Canada?

■ Please read message number 6 as for why the USA would lie about a plane hitting the Pentagon. If they are lying about it, it’s quite probably for a reason, which would probably be that it’s to their advantage. How could they us it to their advantage? I few ways I guess, one could be to use the WTC attacks and amplify the the damage the Arabs have caused by adding a 3rd or 4th hijacked plane, thus sparking more public feeling that retaliation should be initiated against the Arab countries that are terrorizing us.

One reason might also be that it would give them further leeway to bomb the hell out of Afghanistan that would permit them to destroy critical CIA evidence of secret operations of questionable intent going on over there, and destroy equipment that would all have accumulated over there since the 1980’s, ever since the time they actually helped Bin Laden fight the Russian invasion. They might also want control of Afghanistan because it was a planned site that would be ideal to lay down pipelines for fossil fuels that would be profitable to them and the Euro allies. Even hidden further behind the American motives are quite probably Israel motives, since they control America and have a vast spy network, they would have helped America blast away the Arabs. Blasting the Arabs would do quite fine for Israel since pretty much everybody in the middle-east is against Israel for their conniving attempts to gain control of Palestine. What is bad is that this fight for Palestine has been going on for all the 20th century, over, in my opinion, a ridiculous belief that Palestine belongs to the Israel because Israel are the chosen people by God or something as ridiculous. Blind faith bringing suffering in the world, suffering being what every religion teaches to avoid and help eliminate.

It must be said any Jewish people believing that they are the chosen people are simply following made up beliefs by the Zionists, beliefs spread by Zionist movement since the beginning of the century that all Jews should be regrouped in one country. The majority of Jewish people believe this now, beliefs created by the Zionists, unrelated to old biblical writings, but based on the rewritten biblical texts to advantage Jews.  In the last century Israel built up some brains and came up with very powerful blackmail, convincing techniques, enticing tactics, all for them to manipulate multiple nations in a manner that would serve their purpose, gain control of Palestine. Originally Palestine was the 3rd choice as a land to regroup Jews. One was in South Africa and was somehow too complicated to get hold of and they choose another place. It’s all about getting Palestine. Getting Palestine because of their religious belief, or a belief that has been twisted to their advantage over the century. So they are not actually acting on religious belief, they chose to twist biblical writings that would serve them for a particular purpose. The Zionists have created what is the Jewish beliefs today, but some Jewish minorities still reject what most Jews believe today because they know where it comes from and is not faithful to the old religious texts and the old Jewish religion as it was before the Zionists. Information is not extraordinarily detailed in this paragraph, but I am told by someone that has lived in Morocco all his life that this is not uncommon knowledge in the Middle-East and Africa. So, if most people know of this over there and most people over here do not, it’s because of the American public is not interested in the rest of the world’s history and the government uses this lack of interest and ignorance to their advantage. Myself I did not this about Israel’s history a few months ago and I have learned stuff like this by reading different sources and talking to people.

It’s not the Arab people that are using their religion as a reason to cause useless suffering, they are simply defending themselves against Israel that is simply stealing their land. In 1967 there was border defined that Israel and Palestine would respect. Ever since, Israel has been advancing over this border into Palestine and that’s why Palestine is fighting so much with Israel. Palestinian suicide bombers are called terrorists by America to label them as evil people, so that Israel can gain sympathy once again by the Americans and thus get support to fight the Palestinians. Please consider the following. When the Palestinians manage to hurt Israel, Sharon comes back and kills 10 times as much Palestinians with Apaches and F-16s when the Palestinians can only defend themselves with riffles and suicide-bombers. The Palestinians have nothing to defend themselves. They have suicide-bombers because they are at the end of their rope, they are desperate. How can you be a terrorist when you are only using the what you have to defend yourself against an invader?

It’s Israel that is twisting their religion to gain Palestine because they claim they are the chosen people that should have it. That’s how I understand it, I’m not extensively familiar with those religious writings because I think they are made up, ridiculous, and dangerous. It so happens that I’m more or less explaining how religion is dangerous here. The Arabs are simply trying to hurt Israel for them to back off and also hurt the Allied nations that are actually supporting Israel in their evil conquests. Actually Israel is successful in their conquests, countries are more and more changing their currency to US dollars, which is basically forfeiting their whole country to America and to Israel that controls America. Even some ministers in Canada are advocating that we change our currency to US dollars! US global domination is progressing slowly. It’s not a physical domination, it’s an economic domination. It’s very sly, hence not a very visible global conquest that can be seen evidently by everybody as it’s progressing. Nothing will stop them economically since they are creating money out of thin air. No other country can compete with a bank system that creates money out of nowhere since 1917. I’m afraid Israel is very much on it’s way to gaining enough to power to take Palestine by force. Once they have Palestine, guess what, they will be the effective rulers of the world as a bonus effect. Then who knows what other nastiness they will perpetrate against the world once their mind is off Palestine. Use all that power for world peace? I seriously hope so, but I also seriously doubt it after all the evil they have perpetrated over the last century.

It does seem disgusting what I’m saying about the American government. However, these are very recent beliefs for me. Just before last summer I was just like every other Joe anywhere, living my life in the comfortable matrix of lies that protect us from knowing the truth that is out there, being shafted up the ass with illegal income taxes to keep us poor, I was just like everyone else. It’s a feeling of loathing, disgust and fear that builds up gradually from reading different news sources, including CIA controlled news outlets such as major TV news stations and newspapers. It’s a gradual process of reading different material, hearing different reports offering different facts about the same events. It’s about questioning what seems very odd and so full of coincidence all the time. It’s the questions you ask yourself that you don’t speak of until someone comes up to you asks you precisely what you think of a certain event, realizing that you are not alone in questioning information veracity. It’s by living your day to day life and slowly putting pieces of a puzzle together, pieces of information you remember from different sources on different events on different times, all the while that a lot of people are constantly trying to convince you that such and such piece of puzzle has no business there when you are very much certain that it does. It must be sparked by a series of odd events that you yourself realize or someone suggests to you that seem odd that prompts you to further scrutinize what is happening around you in your world. If you are not looking you don’t notice. If you are looking for clues you will find them. It’s like a police investigator that comes to a crime scene and sees what seems to be obvious, let’s say a suicide. If the investigator simply looks around and sees a suicide, that’s what he’ll conclude. If the inspector cares enough to really look around to find clues that would point to a suicide, he just might find clues that will tell him otherwise, that it may be an accident or a murder, hence finding out what really happened, and perhaps bring about clues that would help other pending investigations. You must be aware and examine carefully.

Take your time and start out not even looking for clues to conspiracies or cover-ups. Just read the newspapers and watch the news on TV, read major news outlets on the internet, such as While doing so, put aside everything that seems odd, out of place, unjustified that tickle your instinct, then examine them. You will quite probably start seeing information that does not correlate or simply doesn’t make sense. Compare different sources about a same event. It may take days, weeks, or months to realize some hint to something going on in the background or create a link between some news you heard today and a related piece months ago. You might realize that the news today about an event that happened months ago has changed certain facts or details about that event. Here is an example: Daschle asked that an extensive investigation be performed on the systems that failed to prevent the attacks on the World Trade Center, then the response he receives is that it will divert important resources that are used for the war on terrorism. That’s a fucking hint and a half for you. This article is the type of thing that you are looking for, an article that is giving good hints of scams going on in the government. Daschle asks for something reasonable and is put down PERSONALLY by the President and then Cheney. Now, take notice of the events that will surround Daschle in the near future, maybe something interesting will happen to Daschle, maybe not. Daschle asked for something that might compromise some government scam and was quickly repelled. Now, so much events will happen one after the other that everybody will forget that Daschle and other people wanted an investigation on what failed to prevent terrorist attacks. That’s how the media will work to divert attention from stuff that must not be looked in too deeply by the public.

If you feel that I view the government in a disgusting manner, it’s not as disgusting as the corruption going on in there.

Being Canadian, I care about what’s happening with the US government because whatever they do, Canada will follow shortly in the same path. If the US votes in certain laws, Canada will also vote in very similar laws. Canada does it out of pressure from the States too, because if you don’t do like the Americans or believe what they believe they will bully you around, and since Canada is the country that has the most border contact with the States, it’s our own interest to do as they do.

To me Canada seems more lenient and shows more tolerance with a lot of things. The US is more stuck up I would say. An example might be drugs. I might be way off, but this is how it seems to me from what I have seen. It appears to me that US is totally freaked out about drugs and seems to be willing to go to extremes to prosecute people who possess illegal drugs. Here, more and more people seem to be saying “Yeah, so what about drugs? What’s the big deal?”. We even have a pro-weed political party we can vote for. My personal experience with this is a park where I used to live had a stretch of road that was in a residential area open to the water front where the park is. Every night you can go there and see many people smoke weed in their parked cars. I’ve seen it often, I’ve seen the cops there, I know they know about it, and they tolerate it. I know cops here in Montreal will tolerate weed smoking in certain circumstances. It doesn’t mean people don’t get arrested for having weed, it just seems that there is some tolerance. You can even go to certain clubs in Montreal and everybody is smoking up their weed. It might be the same in a lot of other places, I’m just not aware of it. It just seems that US is going all out to flush out drugs, hence why I’m saying it seems more stuck up. Sometimes we are more tolerant and the US looks at us with big mean eyes and then we follow suit. “Sure, fine, yeah, we’ll do it.. whatever, geez, don’t make a big fuss about it.”

Although Canada is a bigger country, we have inferior military power and we cannot defend ourselves well enough if the States started attacking us. We are not purposely making enemies abroad, I think, therefore a huge army is not necessary for us. The States will defend us anyways. Besides, Canada and the United States share pretty much the same life style, religion and beliefs. We are pretty much the same, so if anything happens in the States we are likely to do the same thing. The difference between Canada and the States is that although our government is also as corrupt as the US government, our leaders are simply clowns that are only stealing money from the citizens without going all out to go conquer countries economically, enforce our views abroad and killing in foreign countries just for more power. Although I might simply not be aware if Canada actually does these types of things. I take interest in the US because it seems they are conquering countries economically towards a slow global domination to possibly include Canada. I think it might be good to know who just might be my future leaders if it actually comes to that, without mentioning their already ever present direct influence on us.




I want to know more. ( “Neil” <[email protected]>)

You have proven yourself to be extremely ignorant and hypocritical. First you jump onto your soap box and rant about the biased media brainwashing the public, and the you go on to say that they would never use your little joke to attack the sport of paintball, that would not be respectfull and honorable, and surely they would research, and then retract if they did make a mistake. Wake up! It happens every day. First, some 15 year old punk
uses a paintball gun to vandalize some mailboxes, and the local news is doing a cover piece on how paintballs existence is creating hostility and violence.

Secondly, It is obvious that much of your conspiracy theory is pollitical bias. Some of what you say may have SOME validity, the rest just belongs on
the x-files.

And lastly, before you blast the public for their ignorance compared to your uncharted intelligence, check some of your own spelling and grammer mistakes.

1. “I have to say that I feel to see how.” Am I to assume that you mean fail to see?
2. “What would have any news source said….” I’m no english teacher, but I believe that the word HAVE should have been between source and said.
3. “…afterwards for doing a story a simple joke web page…” Do you mean ON a simple joke web page?
4. “…There are far worst sites out there…” Now really, did you intend to say worst, or worse?
5. “…hard time to read and to compose a readable…” I do believe that you meant, reading and composing a readable….

Also, if you are as smart as you think you are, you know that Leno finds the least intelligent people out there for those skits.


■ I think you might have just answered to yourself in the first paragraph. How much am I jumping onto my soap box, as you say, to rant about biased media brainwashing when you have clearly stated that it happens everyday with your example? I said the media is brainwashing you, then you say I’m ranting about it, and then you present a clear example of biased media brainwashing. You criticized without thinking, which is exactly what I am saying with my WARNING right next to the mail address on this web page that people do not think before they leave their mail. I believe you are the one who has proven yourself extremely ignorant and hypocritical.

It’s very possible the media would have used my site in a report, anything is possible. As I said, it’s not newsworthy because I had my disclaimer about the site being a joke page that also questioned the plane crash into the Pentagon, and no media outlet would have touched that. Let’s say the media used my site for a story and presented it without the disclaimer just to shock people. I would say that would be another case of biased media brainwashing, and another reason to highly criticize the news they present to you and not believe it blindly without analysis.

Of course what I say about cover-ups is political bias! If you are not biased against a corrupt government you are exactly the type of person the government needs to succeed in it’s scams.

I’m afraid not much of what I’m saying belongs in the X-files. Also, if you believe the FBI works as it does from what you see on the X-files, you are mistaken. Where do you think the X-files gets their stories about government cover-ups and scams? They are inspired by the actual government. Don’t take my word for it though, examine the stories that the media presents and you will find blatant inconsistencies. But I’m afraid you might be ignorant enough and not have the brains, as you have demonstrated above, to actually think about different news stories and find discrepancies and suggestions to government scams. You didn’t even see that you answered yourself in your own message. However if you want to start learning about the world around you, read my reply number 7 for suggestions on analyzing the media. Take your time. It might be worth it for you.

I hardly think you are well placed to tell me not to criticize the ignorant public since you have clearly demonstrated that you are part of that ignorant public. I don’t think I have “uncharted intelligence” as you have suggested, but at least I’m using it, when it seems you are not.

Here is my response for you on my grammar mistakes:

1. Corrected from you pointing it out. Thank you!

2. Corrected from you pointing it out. Thank you!

3. Corrected from you pointing it out. Thank you!

4. Corrected from you pointing it out. Thank you!

5. In my To Do list before I received your mail.

I have demonstrated however that I’m not perfect and I accept constructive criticism if it can make me a better person and I appreciate it. How are YOU going to take my criticism about you and make YOURSELF better from it?

I’m no English teacher either, I only spent 1 year in English school and the other 14 years in French school. How does it make you feel to know that some French Canadian guy with only 1 year in English high-school education can write better English that you can? I sure hope it will make you do something useful with your lame brain.

As for my comment on Jay Leno and his Jay Walking, the correction was on my To Do list before I received your mail. Jay Leno does indeed find the dumbest people on the street. That is also why I stated that I didn’t have any statistics to present regarding his dumb/intelligent ratio and elaborated my sentence afterwards. This might also demonstrate that I re-read my own text to find errors, unlike you who has written a simple mail message with 4 syntax errors and a blatant flaw in your logic with a contradiction in your statements.



I want to know more. ( “Curtis” <[email protected]>)

I loved it. It was an amazing read. Keep up the good work and I’ll be back for more. Thanks again.

Best Regards,


■ Glad you enjoy! We are all here to have fun. It’s sad though that a lot of people are so tortured and miserable in their lives that they must spread the misery. Just have fun man, you only live once.




Please read this..not trash talk…coming from a player. ([email protected])

You do raise a couple of good points on the issue. But what’s getting people so up in arms is the whole media problem. Pain tball does not have a good relationship with the news. the media hates paintball. Whenever something good happens in the sport the people never hear about it. the only thing that gets shown is the “bad” aspects…such as people getting hurt and vandaliz ing p roperty with guns. Remember the video that was out a few years ago with the kids thats shot up some homeless guy? Those things are the only parts that get shown. Alot of cities and states are now trying to ban paintball and they are using these types of things to fuel their fire. Some countries have completely outlawed even owning a paintball gun. The thing that got people so fired up is the fear of that site getting out and the media, along with the government, using it to their advantage. I had ques tion

■ One example of good stuff not being publicized is 2600 magazine wining their case against Ford on the issue of linking on the web. Here is the lawsuit in brief and how it’s ridiculous. 2600 was pissed off at General Motors for some reason and decided to register a domain name “” , that points to Ford’s site. If I was Ford, I would actually enjoy that, but apparently Ford does not! Ford filed a lawsuit against 2600 magazine with the argument that nobody can link to Ford’s site without Ford’s permission. Absolutely ridiculous. Of course, 2600 magazine won over Ford on this because you can see as well as I do that it’s a ridiculous case. Now, 2600 magazine won. Absolutely no publicity on this victory for 2600 magazine. It would look bad for Ford if it had been publicized all over the place. It would look bad for Ford, losing to hackers, hackers who are unjustly constantly portrayed as absolute criminals that should be put away. Now imagine if Ford had won over 2600 magazine, you can bet your ass that it would have been publicized all over the place with statements like “Ford wins over hacker community” and other statements that would be intently to put down 2600 magazine and favor Ford. You are indeed correct in stating the media will use stuff to their advantage. I just don’t think the original Columbine Paintball site would have produced much news if it did.  If you want to have fun though, go read the mail on You will crack up for sure.

I must say that I have to question how a Columbine Paintball scenario would denigrate the sport of paintball. It was promoting paintball, not killing people or shooting up homeless people for no reason. It’s just a scenario for a regularly fun game. It’s like a mini-golf where you have to make your balls go into or bump off of World War 2 veteran’s effigies’ asses. It’s just a mini-golf theme, nothing violent or out of the ordinary for mini-golf, except for the theme, although it might not be very popular because of its bad taste. :)

It still might have been used by the media for a twisted purpose. I could have kept the site online. I was in full right to do so. I had the resources to do so. It was a joke page. I could have decided to keep it up and continue to laugh my mother-fucking ass off just as much as the people around me did also, laughing at the mail and how people reacted very ignorantly. It was unexpectedly hilarious.  It wasn’t illegal, it was just in bad taste. But I removed it because someone else other than me was getting nasty mail and those people didn’t deserve or need that.

I understand the fear of having paintball badmouthed, but don’t let yourself be bullied by the media.



I want to know more. ([email protected])

■ Anybody home?



Some of my thoughts (“Melanie” <[email protected]>)

I have read all of your posts and your opinions on your site. I am an avid paintball player and that is how I ended up here. From what I’ve been able to gather this site has changed a lot since it was first created seeing as it very minimally deals with paintball. I do enjoy others opinions on substantial matters such as the government, I would be one of those people you would probably classify under uninformed. I attempt to keep up on what’s happening in the world but sometimes find it tedious and tiresome, everything should be questioned, not just what’s on TV. Your points about questioning are very good which is why I now propose the question: Why should anyone believe what you are saying about the government? I have not yet checked all you web sites but why are those articles anymore valid than the ones we get to read in our daily paper? One difference would be that they are written from a different point of view, but that does not make them anymore valid. Just my thoughts.

Moving on, if you feel so inclined to share, I am wondering where you are from. Just curious. You went on and on about how the US is randomly arresting and jailing people in unjustifiable manners for non-terrorist activities just because the government so wishes it. If the government was so against freedom of speech and so worried that the American people might actually start thinking for themselves, would you be able to still be posting? I do believe that the American people have freedom and freedom of speech within reason. For example, I personally am not a fan of swear words, I feel there are more articulate ways of expressing oneself, therefore will ask those around me to not use profane language. I have been told this inhibits their freedom of speech, I disagree, it just may make them think a little more. America still stands very much for freedom, even if the government is “raping” us in taxes, I would rather pay the taxes and live here with our jacked government than somewhere else where I wouldn’t have the options and the chances that I am free to enjoy. I am sure there are so-called “higher powers” that run most things, nothing is perfect and no government could or will ever be. There is too much decite, greediness, and dishonesty in the world for anything that deals with power to ever be perfect.

I agree knowledge is power, but if all of your conspiracy theory stuff is true I think I’ll side with the “ignorance is bliss” because I am happy and I do love my country, even with all of its imperfections.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

An American

■ I agree that filtering the news is tiresome. It’s quite hard to swim in bullshit. Not all of it is bullshit however and some of it is blatantly telling you: “Hey! Joe Public! Did you understand? We want to control you more!”. Sometimes the government is manipulated by big corporations to enforce or create the laws they need. Example: MPAA wants tighter control over movie piracy over the internet, then they announce that for 2001 they have reached record profits. ??????????? Scam anyone?????????? Fact: the RIAA and MPAA are both want your money and that’s all they want and they are shafting us with the movies and music records we buy. Now they want to distribute music CDs that can’t play in computers, for fear of piracy. These fucks are money mad! Once you start paying attention to the news and understand slowly what’s going on behind the scenes, it becomes sickeningly obvious which news is bullshit and which is not, and you realize more and more that they are taking you for idiots.

As for believing me regarding the government, I’m not the everlasting know-it-all. Not long ago I was just like you, uninformed. I have took a little time to read a few things, analyzed a bit the media and produced conclusions of my own. Don’t believe me, figure it out for yourself! You will see what’s actually going on if you pay attention.

The sites I provide may or may not be more or less valid when compared to the mass media everyone knows very well and is accustomed to. However, you may want to consider their sources, independent sources compared to the mass media that is controlled by power and money hungry corporations and others of the like. As I have said before, don’t believe blatantly all that you read, but balance carefully.

To satisfy your curiosity, I’m from Montreal, Quebec.

One reason why I’m not arrested or put away is because I’m not doing anything illegal. I’m exercising free speech or opinions within legal boundaries that protect the innocent against threats or other illegal verbosity. Also, the internet and cable TV has escaped the control of the people who control us. Also, I’m in Canada, out of American jurisdiction. It must be understood that they do not put away people for nothing either, they just give themselves more power than they should. They simply give themselves enough power to put away people to use them as examples to scare off people from doing nasty things. Also, in my daily activities I do not participate in illegal activities or act legally suspicious, such as the guy behind did, building an anti-government site and also building explosives and Molotov cocktails in his own home. The government didn’t like his site and that guy gave them a reason to go pick him up at home with all his explosives.

It’s quite obvious that America offers quite a good life style compared to other countries. In general, you don’t see people leaving America to go elsewhere to have a better life. It’s of course better to have a government that is stealing your money than one that kills your family. Then again, the government let those planes crash into the World Trace Center, actually killing families. The government also conducted the first nuclear test in 1944 on Port Chicago where they killed their own people. The United States do kill their own people, they just do it in a very sly fashion. Just make sure you are not part of their experimentation pool of sheep.

You may adhere to the principle of “Ignorance is bliss”, you are free to do so, if indeed you truly believe that is your moral responsibility towards your children and your neighbor’s children to make then happy also, by being used and raped for the amusement and pleasure of select power mad individuals.




I want to know more. ( “Sal” <[email protected]>)

Hey, how about doing yourself and everyone who has contacted you regarding your web page’s impact on paintball a favor?

If you would just simply refrain from including the word(s) paintball, team paint, and the like on your web page, you wouldn’t have to deal with us and we wouldn’t have to deal with you.

If you really want to make people crazy, why don’t you call it Columbine Soccer and see what happens?


■ You are right. I have removed my Meta tags that were providing false search hits. However the content already in place in the web page will remain.

Why don’t you shoot yourself in the eye with your air gun and see what happens? Then I won’t have to deal with you at all.

And check out my new signature, just for you:



I want to know more ( “Lamar” <[email protected]>)

Based on your own statement that, “very clearly how much of the American people is uneducated, ignorant, illiterate, are mindless unoriginal zombie clones that will believe anything without question or relying on their own judgment to analyze information veracity” one would believe that the mere asociation of Columbine with the sport paintball would produce a negative response in whatever mindless zombie American saw it. Also since the media is controled by the CIA anyway, one would also believe that the government would use paintball as a platform to advocate the negatives of firearms and then for the final coup de grace removing are right to own fire arms. Then of course after that happens we’re only two steps away from complete marshal law and government death squads. You know what? I think I hear the Black Helicopters landing on my lawn now.

■ Apparently it did produce a negative response from the mindless zombie Americans. But it wasn’t the plan as I have stated before. It wasn’t supposed to be spread everywhere.

I seriously doubt that the government would use paintball to advocate the negatives of firearms since air guns or markers are not firearms.

Marshal law might not be too far if other countries retaliate with nuclear strikes in response to Bush using small nuclear arms in other countries, and that’s exactly what Bush wants to do. How you must wish now that Bush didn’t rig the elections as to win over Gore. I’d rather have a president that gets his dick sucked by an intern than a president that risks nuclear exchanges between countries. Gore would probably hug trees, which is much better.

Read up on those helicopter manuals.



Re: Columbine ([email protected])

I like those emails you get!

Did you ever notice that in the USA kids play “Cowboys and Indians”, and often in front of the decendents of the original Indians. Very few Americans consider it improper. Actually, John Wayne became rich and famous playing a Cowboy.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with other people playing a game of “Columbine Paintball”, or making movies of it.

Americans rarely practice what they preach. Most of them think they are the “Greatest People in the World”. Arrogance is out of control here.


■ You’ll crack up if I post the mails I received when the original Columbine Paintball was up.

I hope everybody goes and reads your website at I believe you have done some nice work on the Kennedy scam and good research on Israel.




Thank you for shutting down The Columbine Painball page !! (“Glenn Palmer” <[email protected]>)

Dear sir,

Regardless of your intent for the page, or how the link to it got distributed, it was in fact offensive to many folks (including myself) for numerous reasons. For most of us, it was quite easy to see it’s farcical and sick humored nature and that it’s creator obviously has no respect whatsoever for anything other than there own misguided notions. It is really quite sad actually. I hope that you get better soon.

By the way, I happen to be the owner of the gun and the picture of it that you used at your site.

Since it was stolen last year that could have been construed as an admission to being in possession of stolen property (a felony) and I don’t recall giving you permission to use the picture either.


Glenn Palmer

Palmer’s Pursuit Shop

3951 Development Dr. #3

Sacramento, CA. 95838

Ph. (916) 923-9676 fax (916) 923-9674

mailto:[email protected]

Palmer Owners Group

■ Nice try. The image you sent does not even match the resolution or color depth of the image that was used on the original Columbine Paintball web page. You might have just found the picture elsewhere and put it in your mail just for fun. The picture used did not present any copyright notices or signs of ownership, neither was a proof of copyright registration provided in your mail to support your ownership of the supposedly copyrighted material. The site where the image was taken did not offer anti-save or anti-copy protection to prevent unauthorized copying of any material.

I believe you are the one with misguided notions if you believe having a picture of something that was later stolen makes someone guilty of theft. You might want to go after all the people who browsed to that web page, whatever it was, and try to find the guilty person among all the people who have the image in their browser cache. If someone has memory of that picture in their head, does that make them guilty also? Maybe it’s the idiots like you that should be a felony. Good luck finding your thief, dumb-ass.



I want to know more. (“Neil”)

I do not doubt that I had four syntax errors in my message, as there will probably be some in this one. However I am not the one who was making fun
of others who made mistakes.

When I spoke of political bias before, I was saying that it sounds like you are bias against one political party, and extremely liberal. After reading more of you post, I see that you do hate all government (and you obviously hate jews and Isreal even more), but you are still extremely liberal. We may pollute more than anyone else, but we are also larger than most other countries, produce much more industrially, have cleaner technology, and clean up our messes more than anyone else. You probably ignore the fact that for every scientist that rants about global warming, there is another that says that it does’nt exist.

I either did not explain myself clearly, or you misread in my first message. I first commented on how you said that the media lies, misrepresents facts, and twist stories to their own gain. So how can you than say that the media would not have reported on your paintball site without researching it? And you said that if they did make a mistake, they would later retract it. Those two statements of yours contradict each other. Holding them to the standard that you first laid out, they would have disregarded the disclaimer and left it out of the story, and portrayed your site as the current state of paintball in general. That is what I was saying in my message.

I was wrong to call you ignorant, I now see that is not the case. I do however still feel that you are off base on alot of your conspiracy theory and anti-jewish ideas. However, I do use my brain, I just disagree with you, and that does not make me ignorant either.

I also think that you are wrong in your portrayal of the U.S. as being the great satan. We do not just go around killing abroad. I would like to see the ratio of Humanitarian aid (money, food, etc.) that America gives to all the other countries compared to what Canada gives. The reason that we are hated across the world is a form of class envy. We have a higher standard of living than anyone else and they hate us for it. Using the type of propaganda that you have talked about, alot of people (espescially in the middle east) are taught to hate us from birth. It is just like the liberals in this country teach the poor and middle class to hate the rich here. Does this have anything to do with why you hate America? I don’t know.

I am a reasonable guy and can take the constructive criticism also, so I will admit that at the least you seem very thoughtfull. I do have one question however. You said that last summer none of this was on your mind. This seems pretty quick for all of these theories to take hold so strongly, so what happend to you? I would think that it would take years for someone to become as crazed as you are now.

And, by the way, I don’t watch the x-files.


I’m not biased against any particular political party. They are all the same to me. I’m not even sure what Liberal means, except in a qualificative manner. What counts is the acting government, what THEY do, that’s what counts. So far, Bush has managed to enter the US is a possible nuclear conflict. To make sure the American government survives any nuclear retaliation, it has activated the COG (Continuity Of Government), high ranked people hidden in high-tech, self-sufficient bunkers 90 days at a time that can take over the US federal government in the event of Washington is completely wiped out from a nuclear attack. Why was this suddenly activated if Bush did not in fact plan to use nuclear weapons abroad, like their cute-named “Bunker Busters”? And guess what… 90% of the personel in the COG are Jewish or have dual citizenship for the US and Israel. That’s another fucking hint in a half the Israel does in fact have some power over the US and that can put them in a position to control the US even more.

I don’t necessarilly hate government, it just so happens that all North-American government is corrupted. I don’t necessarilly hate Jews or Israel, but they do a very horrific history of manipulating people and spreading deception for the last century. I would probably be much more friendly to orthodox Jews than the Zionist Jews, and there is a very clear distinction between them. As I see it, orthodox Jews do not support what has come from Zionist movements. It must be said also that there are many Israelians that do not support Ariel Sharon is his invasion of Palestine, they prefer to be imprisoned that to serve the invasion as reservists.

We do in fact have cleaner technology, but the problem is that regulations that force industries to use these cleaner technologies are never put in place or enforced enough to have a significant change. And, guess what… the industries are bribbing the right people not have these regulations installed or enforced, and they are still polluting like mad. Global warming might be a debatable issue. The US government will fuck up our atmosphere permanently anyways with their HAARP project, a project that uses high-power electromagnetic interference to possibly change the weather, that can also produce an unpredictable chain reaction that will destroy layers in the atmosphere that protect us. If you think that’s technology possible only in Red Alert, they’ve had 50 years of incredible technology development to get to this.

Regarding the media getting hold of my original Columbine Paintball site, I was figuring that if ANY media got hold of it, it would be the local media. Nothing was worth reporting on a national scale. Since some local media sources like to have quality and are probably less hit on by the big guys at the top, thus less controlled as far as propaganda, some would indeed research and be willing to change their story, as the local media is where beginning journalists start their career and are full of ideals before they realize, when they get to higher levels, that quality stories don’t count anymore.

You have the right to disagree. Just make sure you are not blind to what’s hapenning in your face.

The US does in fact kill abroad just for their purposes, which is what is hapenning exactly in Afghanistan. They have killed many people there, on purpose and by mistake too. The reason why Afghanistan was bombed was lost and people forgot why it was being bombed. To make it worse, Bin Laden is a friend of the CIA, they are not looking for him, they know where he is. I read somwhere that he is in Jalalabad or in Pakistan, walking in broad daylight. Bin Laden probably didn’t have much to do with 9-11. The US is in many places where it has no business to be there for, and they are doing nasty things. They offer humanitarian aid to ease the suffering they cause, directly or indirectly. It’s an image they are displaying. There is so little help they are providing compared to the suffering they cause, and Bush destroyed good international work done by Clinton.

You mention people hating the US from the time they are born. In Afghanistan schools, the books have been suplied by the US themselves to instil fanatical hatred towards the US and get the children used to military weapons with images of guns and grenades in the books. This was a long term plan that would later give them a reason to later go fight a “War on terror” decades later. They do this because the territories are fertile with oil. Now the AID organization is sending more books to Afghanistan, with the images of guns and grenades replaced by fruit and other nice things. They do this now because they have found out that the fanaticism has become too strong and want to tone it down.

The US is hated abroad because of their double-standard foreign policies, their occupation on territories where they are not wanted. Life is relatively good here, but we are being ripped off with the money system, unbalanced tax brackets that just make the poor and the middle classes poor. Think about this: why doesn’t everybody pay the same percentage of income tax? That’s because it was planned to keep the people poor. It’s basically useless to have a high-paying salary. If you get a raise, you get more money each payday, but you also pay more taxes. You are getting ripped off. I know, I have a high paying job and the income taxes are ridiculous. I give them MORE than 10 thousand a year! Now, if people all paid the same percentage of taxes, it would be worth it to go for better money at a job, but that’s not the case. There is a lot of sheep needed, that’s why. I don’t hate America, I hate being ripped off and taken for a sheep.

Don’t say I’m crazed with all this, I  don’t run in the streets yelling out loud about government corruption. It has all happened pretty much since the attacks on the World Trade Center, when more and more information got out, when I started to read more stuff. The 9-11 attacks are significant historically and a lot of people have seen the things that don’t make sense and all this information has only spread more than any other information on scams, because of the magnitude of the scams perpetrated. Along with 9-11 scam information I happened to read about other stuff too and it all amassed to a global understanding of the scams going on, and many people around me see this also.

– TeamPaint



I want to know more (Mike)

Hey whats up man?
You should check out under the news section they got some great 9/11 pics of the Pentagon and guess what there is no JET!
&n bsp; TELL ME MORE!

■ I think the pictures are exactly the same pictures that I have put up, except in English. I have updated the site to point directly to the English site. Thanks.

You didn’t see any JET? Then you understand that the government is indeed lying to you.

The news channels showed some footage of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, taken from a surveillance camera. I have a few inconsistencies to report on this.

1 – This is taken from a Pentagon surveillance camera, a place where the secrets of the world are held. I seriously doubt that they would equip themselves with video cameras that would only record a couple of frames per second. This is the Pentagon! They probably have cameras that record 24 or 30 frames per second, not only a couple of frames per second.

2 – Something appears on the video, which looks like a small plane, not a full size airliner. I have read that this plane is an experimental design for the Navy that is remote controlled, which might have held some explosives. Witness accounts who saw Flight 77 flying low, heard a jet engine noise more consistent with one of a fighter craft, rather than one of a commercial airliner.

3 – Why is this footage released only 6 months after the attacks? To rebuild the belief that something DID crash in the Pentagon? The fact that it’s released 6 months after the attacks has a fishy connotation to it.





Sicko’s (Jim)

My name is Jim Fox and I have been a paintball player since 1986 and a writer for paintball magazines since 1992. I seen in an email that someone sent me your website. Are you people a bunch of sick, lunatics! I surely think so. You people discuss me! First to create a website like that then to think people are naive enough to believe that your have a fictitious field,  just creating something false like that, I don’t believe you in the least. Someone doesn’t go about the trouble to include costs of field fees and paint unless they really had a field and you disclaimer is hypercritical as well.

Don’t you realize that 15 kids were massacred in real life. I hope you are shut down and are not profiting from the death of innocent kids and a teacher. What is it? Is the air too cold and too thin up in Canada or are were you people just born stupid??

Crap like this brings down our beloved sport where we have tried for years to gain acceptance. Get that site off the Internet. Now!

Send and receive Hotmail on your mobile device:

■ People, this is a prime example of a candidate to be removed from the gene pool. As a bonus, one of my friends was compelled to reply to Jim and I will post the reply after mine. I have to say that all the mail I get is sent to a few people for their review. When I had the streak of hate mail, they were laughing their motherfucking head off.

Get a load of this, he’s idiot enough to believe Columbine Paintball actually exists, is an actual facility, when it was later stated on the website that it was fake, and this new page also says so. There’s a good chance he saw this page too, because he sent me a mail to the new address I put on this page. We are not lunatics, not as much as you are an idiot.

I don’t know about our air, but it seems that yourself has been born pretty damned stupid.

It’s not crap like Columbine Paintball that brings down paintball, it’s the illiterate idiots like you that can’t use their brain to understand the world around them that also pretend to be a journalist while not being able to write properly. It’s the brain damaged idiots like you who are running around with CO2 powered paint guns that are hurting the paintball sport.

You also didn’t notice that the site off the web, because you are reading THIS page! Dumb-ass.


■ You being a magazine writer, surely you will understand the value of my reply and apply any newly-gained knowledge related to this experienceupon new projects and articles. Theses remarks can only help you if taken constructively.

1: I seen in an email that someone sent me your website.
– Correction: I saw a link to your web site in an email that someone sent me.

2: Are you people a bunch of sick, lunatics!
– Correction: you people are a bunch of sick lunatics!

3: I surely think so.
– Correction: I truly think so.

4: You people discuss me!
– Correction: You people disgust me.
– Side note: Understood the way you wrote it, it means that we’re taking about you. Indeed we are.

5: First to create a website like that then to think people are naive enough to believe that your have a fictitious field, just creating something false like that, I don’t believe you in the least.
– Correction: First, to create such a web site, then to think that people are naive enough to believe you have a fictitious terrain just by creating something as unbelievable as this. I don’t believe you in the least.

6: Someone doesn’t go about the trouble to include costs of field fees and paint unless they really had a field and you disclaimer is hypercritical as well.
– Corrections: No one goes through all the trouble of writing the fees for playing and for paint balls, unless they really had such a field. Also, your disclaimer is hypocritical.
– Side note: We understand your frustration of not being able to come to Canada to play on our magnificient paint ball terrain. And also, you need to know that anyone reading and understanding the disclaimer understands that the site is fictitious creation, and does not possess any corporal form whatsoever. So the question is: Can you analyse? Because obviously, you can read, which is a rare occurence in Rednecks. No offence, it’s just a statistic.

7: Don’t you realize that 15 kids were massacred in real life.
– Corrections: Don’t you realize that 15 kids were massacred for real?
– Side note: We did realize, and that was the catalyst for the web site. We would like to thank the Trench Coat Mafia Colorado Division, but it seems they’re not available right now.

8: I hope you are shut down and are not profiting from the death of innocent kids and a teacher.
– Corrections: I hope your web site gets shut down, and that you are not profiting at all from the deaths of theses innocent kids and teacher!
Side note: Our analysis concluded that if there is someone innocent, it ought to be you.

9: What is it?
– Side note: You seem to handle three-word sentences very well. Try four-word sentences now, and we might send some star-shaped stickers for your report card.

10: Is the air too cold and too thin up in Canada or are were you people just born stupid??
– Is the air too cold and too thin up in Canada? Or are were you people just born stupid?
– Side note: The air we breath comes from your country. Please remember that your president is screwing the whole world by not going with the Kyoto accord (by the way, kyoto is a city, not a Japanese car).

11: Get that site off the Internet. Now!
– Corrections: Take down this web site now!
– Side note: Orders via email by people we don’t know are often considered candidates for our “deleted items” folder. But for you we made an exception of replying.

After a thorough analysis of your email, we discovered the following facts: You are someone who can read, but can’t comprehend; You are motivated, yet not focused; You speak your mind, yet you lack guidance; and you are an americain, therefore lacking in brain power. Therefore, we concluded that you might either be a potential candidate for the presidency of your country, or an astonishing patty flipper in training at Burger King.

I hope our conclusion will help you develop into a great human being, even with the difficulty currently lying before you. Our studies of Rednecks demontrates that they don’t survive more than 2 days when not in close proximity of their trailer.

If ever you care to comment on this response, please include the answer to this question: Does your parrot constantly repeat the words “Open up. Police!”?

Thank you for your input and we hope to see you someday on our fictitious terrain.

Sincerely, the Columbine Paintball fictitious team.



God Bless America, God Bless New York! (FtpFreak)

I wish to start by saying that I was one of the first 20 people to find your original site. I was doing a search on Paintball. On a search engine! Columbine Paintball came up. I had to check it out to see if someone would create such a distasteful entity. To my amazement, it sure seemed that way. I found no disclaimers of a “JOKE”, It sure seamed VERY real on this en d.  I feel that a long period of time went into this “JOKE” of yours. Many pictures and information. It seems that a lot of hours went into the planning and creation of your joke. Too much time. I believe that you have some issues with the American people, and you are so angry that you would do anything to stir us up. Your joke wasn’t a joke as much as it was away to lash out at your southern neighbors. You should express your hatred in a less destructive way. Therapy for one. Maybe painting, or writing p oems or songs. We can all see you have a way with words.

As for September 11, 2001, You need to back off all together! We don’t need the likes of you trying to slander our people and government. This is the closest the two groups have been in decades. We as Americans have come together stronger now then we have in a long time. We had a great lose and a huge blow to our feeling of safety in our home land. What if it happened to your country?

Oh, and by the way it was an American that helped your people to get those Gold medals in Skating during the Olympics!

Your cruel, insensitive, unnecessary, disgusting, inhumane, horrible, tasteless, unfunny joke, Sucked A$$!!!!!

Well, as they say in South Park “BLAME CANADA”

“Have you got the balls!……….Paintballs!”
[email protected]

God Bless America< /U>, God Bless New York!
“We lost many lives, and our towers of strength. Now we have become an Immortal power of unity and freedom. We shall over come”
God Bless America< /FONT>, God Bless New York!

■ The original Columbine Paintball did not have a disclaimer until I started to receive hate mail. It is possible that you have seen it without a disclaimer. I had to put up a disclaimer because it appears that people cannot be trusted to be left by themselves to judge if a site is a joke or not. Even then, as seen above in reply 19, people believed it was real even when it was stated that it was fake.

As far as the search engine goes, that’s what they do: they have machines called Web crawlers or Spiders that surf the net to download pages from every part of the internet. Even if I did not submit my page to any search engines, it was picked up by web crawlers for the search engine.

You may believe that much work was done for the site, but it was done in an evening, with occasional minor changes afterwards. It wasn’t done on a professional level. It was done pretty fast.

If it happened in my country I do not doubt that people would unite any less that New York. You just have to realize that there are too many inconsistencies about 9-11 for it to be a fully legitimate terrorist attack from another country than the US. The attack is just another tool to have the people accept to vote on laws that will restrict their liberties and give even more control to the government to limit sheep randomness and your privacy.

The joke didn’t suck ass, it’s Team USA that sucked ass, because Team Canada beat them!!!!

It must be nice being you, living in your parent’s home at age 15, still blindly patriotic.


This is a comment made by a friend of mine:

Searching for our site elsewhere than on a search engine is pretty much irrelevant. How do you feel knowing that you can now search stuff on search engines? Are you proud of being able to? As mush proud as you are to be an american? I don’t want to burst your bubble but about 97% of internet users use search engines to find web sites, the other 3% are people who are just beginning…

Not as much time when into my joke as the time it took for your president to fraudulently win his election, or as much as it took for him to plan the destruction of the twin towers. I must admit that it did take more time than it took your president to withdraw from the Kyoto accord (ironic when you know that the U.S. alone are responsible for 25% of all global warming gases) or to scrap the missile treaty, paving the way for a brand new weapons race.

So wake up. It’s time for you to get up and say to your president “Stop being such a fuck, you’re killing us!”, instead of complaining about my paintball site. In a few years, I’ll either be dead or in a cataplexic state because of your president’s decisions, so therapy won’t be needed.

I do not deny your loss and for that you have all my sympathy. But your “feeling of safety at home” is all but reality, and if you were more conscious of the events surrounding you, you’d see that it’s not safe anywhere.



I want to know more. (Dan)

Very interesting site. I sadly missed out on seeing the “Columbine Paintball Facility” but you bring up some good points regarding the 9-11 attacks. But I’m not writing to bash your sense of humor, or your attempt at making people think outside their little boxes. I’m just writing in regards to the email posted on your page, #16 I believe. Glenn Palmer did indeed own that gun. Camille, if i recall the name correctly, was the first semi operated paintball gun and the first semi to ever work from a closed bolt. Not that this has any real bearing on the fact that you are correct about the copyright information. Just thought you might be even in some small way interested to know, that Glenn, did indeed, own said paintball gun. Best of luck with the site in the future.
[email protected]

■ I‘m not denying that he may have owned the air gun. I just think that he wants to find the guy who stole his equipment, he should clear his head of those wierd notions of culpability by having a picture of stolen property. He has to find better leads than that.




I want to know more. (Godbear)

ur site is crazy.i said what the ****ing hell when i saw the name then i  entered and read about the pentagon and i looked at the pictures and noticed  that hey…i didnt see any plane shiz either

■ I hope you realize that`s a message for you, that the government and the media cannot be trusted.

Did you censor your own mail, or is that the work of the wonderful AOL service? You can read about AOL censorship by following the link.




—–Original Message—–
From: Nils Gosman [
mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: August 5, 2003 12:23
To: [email protected]
Subject: (English) lesson

I had a few laughs reading your site/joke at first. Obviously, removing your disclaimer got you a couple of laughs as well. I found your bit about the plane in the Pentagon very interesting, sorry to read that you’ve wandered off into obscurity and removed the disclaimer.

Firstly, if you take the piss with people that make spelling errors, why don’t you check your own spelling first before you bash the underprivileged, uneducated yanks that are obviously too wound up (because of Canadian humour) to spell properly. Secondly, your response to that man whose brother died at Columbine is totally inappropriate. It is one thing to stir up a fuzz and have some fun, it’s another thing to play with some one’s grief. You obviously belong the lucky ones who have not had to attend any funerals yet. Good for you.

Some additional advice:

‘Shameful to have a sense of humor? Doubtfull’
I am sure you meant ‘doubtful’. Skipped English classes a lot in ‘ petit Quebec’, did you?

‘absolute maximum with exageration’
Surely you mean ‘exaggeration’. Then why don’t you write it, you idiot?

‘Perhaps you opened your business in the wrong area and should consider to relocate’
‘Consider relocating’. Does your kid brother write your texts for you? If so, I applaud him for taking time out from his busy Kindergarten schedule to help the clown of the family that wants to teach the world a lesson. Difficile hein, écrire en anglais? Quelle intelligence impressionnante! You’re making a laughing stock of yourself. Do yourself a favour, check your spelling and put the disclaimer back on. Even on your so-called ‘American version’. What do you expect to gain from your joke anyway? You know that it is easy to fool people, especially yanks but…what is new?

I can recommend a good English teacher (in the Netherlands).

For that guy who lost his brother, that mail does not even seem legitimate. Having attended funerals is what makes us see the humor. Thanks for the tips, we’ll pass them on to our American translator that is getting fired soon. We also found and corrected errors you forgot to point out because you don’t know how to spell. Go see that teacher of yours, maybe he can show you how to spell “humour” and “favour” correctly. You have made yourself the latest laughing stock by pointing out the mistakes of our translator and making errors yourself and also missing more errors that we have found and corrected. So, that makes it Canada/USA 2, Netherlands 0? Looks like it. Your English lesson is over for today.


From: Raise the Fist [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 27-Aug-02 02:50
To: [email protected]
Subject: fuck you
Also, in my daily activities I do not participate in illegal activities or act legally suspicious, such as the guy behind did, building an anti-government site and also building explosives and Molotov cocktails in his own home. The government didn’t like his site and that guy gave them a reason to go pick him up at home with all his explosives”
I don’t aprecient people lying and spreading rumors. I don’t make explosives. Stop believing everything uncle sam tells you.
You give the government a reason to oppress you… because you’re easily deceieved.
wake up
I already knew that the media falsified some stuff. It’s been a while but I think they seized some stuff and all they had was some fertilizer in a truck or something like it. I wish we could have friendlier communication you and I since we both hate Kobe HQ. If you can provide some inside details outside the media realm to understand what’s going with you that would be nice.


From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 8-May-03 01:06
To: [email protected]
Subject: I want to know more.

Hey not real crazy about your site, but thats cool, I belevie to each his own, I mean hey it’s not a real painball site after all.

I am curious though do you beleive that there were only 2 shooters involved or do you beleive as some people do that there were at least 3 shooters per some eyewitness, and do you also beleive the offical Jeff Co report.

If not who else do you think were involved and why


I can not really answer your question, but it seems there was something sour going on with the SWAT.


From: Sean-Alonzo [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 25-Jun-03 00:59
To: [email protected]
Subject: URL Submission:


I would like to submit my site for submission into your links section: is the official site of occult fiction author Sean-Alonzo, exploring symbolism, alternative history, philosophy, secret societies and other areas of the esoteric tradition.


You’ll have this space at least to have your link up.



If you posted a mail when this new site was up, your response will appear here.


Disclaimer: Columbine PaintBall is a web site for entertainment purposes only. Columbine Paintball is not an actual paintball facility, nor is there any monetary profits related to Columbine Paintball.  However, the ignorant mail people send us is pathetic. Apparently people will believe anything, such as believing that a plane actually crashed into the Pentagon on 9-11.

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