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ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS? The Columbine shooting was a horrible event. I’m a serious paintballer myself, and love my sport, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PEOPLE! You’re glorifying a terrible event that we would rather forget than relive. To recreate a battle is one thing . . . but to recreate a massacre is something else entirely! I am not going to stand for this. Change your theme, or I guarantee the respectable sector of the paintball community will mount an all-out campaign against you — and I’ll join it!

We are serious.

If you are a serious paintballer yourself, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, COME PROVE IT!

We are not glorifying a terrible event, we are commemorating a terrible event that we would rather remember and relive.

Yes, recreating a battle and recreating a massacre are something else entirely!

You don’t have to stand, you may crouch for this. It is paintball after all.

We will not change our theme, people have worked hard to create it. It is to be treasured.

So, by your logic, if we do not change the theme, the respectable sector of paintball community, such as ourselves, will mount an all-out campaign against us. THAT IS EXCELLENT NEWS!!!! We can then have a MASSIVE paintball campaign composed of the respectable paintball community. THAT IS AWESOME! You’re the best!


Your web site

From: Harry [mailto:[email protected]]
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Your website is in poor taste as is your theme.  I am an avid paint ball shooter, but can’t stomach this use of a very tragic situation for your profit.  If you must have a theme, pick a war that the US won rather than a rampant shooting at a highschool.    Thanks > > > Harry Cooper

The US has won a war? Please enlighten us.